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Membrane Technology

Membrane technology has revolutionised industry through its innovative use of porous organic membranes to separate, filter and purify various fluids. This innovation has transformed industrial processes by offering efficient, sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions.

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Anti-corrosion electroplating

Our expertise lies in the manufacture of high-quality electrodialysis cells to ensure process stability during electroplating. They incorporate the extruded, tubular, self-supporting EDCORE® anion exchange membrane. In addition, 316L stainless steel or mixed metal oxide coated titanium electrodes are used to ensure optimum conductivity and durability.

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Management of dissolved gases

Eliminating gas from water

Alting offers a wide range of membrane solutions to remove, add and control dissolved gases. Dissolved gas management improves the preparation of demineralised and deoxygenated water, in particular to reduce corrosion in industrial installations and increase the life of equipment.

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Traitement d'eau de la ville industrielle
Cross-flow filtration

Purification and Separation

Crossflow filtration is a filtration process designed to separate particles in a liquid by size with a flow parallel to the membrane. This separation technique allows continuous operation to optimise yield, thanks to different membrane designs and assemblies.

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Cataphoresis, also known as electrocoating, is an electrostatic coating process.

It is widely used by subcontractors in the automotive industry and by the metal industry in general (household appliances, agricultural machinery, radiators, etc.) to protect metal surfaces with an anti-corrosion coating.


Crossflow filtration

Cross-flow filtration is an industrial process which consists of separating the various constituents of a mixture, between a liquid phase and a solid phase, using a porous medium. The pressure allows the incoming fluid to pass partially through the filter (permeate or filtrate), which is separated from the tangential flow (concentrate or retentate).

Different types of tangential filtration can be distinguished, depending on the size of the particles to be separated: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nano-filtration and reverse osmosis.


Dissolved gas management

Dissolved gas management and control is used to adjust the concentration of different gases in a liquid. Our products are capable of adding or removing dissolved gases and bubbles from compatible liquid streams.

This process is used in many areas of activity requiring pure, demineralised water. The main sectors for this application are microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, energy and the food industry.


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biotechnology and cosmetics

Entrepreneurial spirit

and technical expertise

Since 1998, Alting has cultivated a balance between an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to offer high added-value products. Over time, Alting has established strategic partnerships in order to offer a wide range of membrane technologies adapted to each field of application.

Backed by its technical know-how, Alting is present on numerous production lines in France and abroad.


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