About us

Alting has been created in 1998 by Mr. Gérard Michel GERARD (GMG), in partnership with his former employer the HOECHST GROUP AG. GMG belong 31 years to the International Management of Hoechst affiliates (Africa, Nehterlands, Germany).

Since 1996, the HOECHST group reoriented his core business on HEALTH and merged with Rhone Poulenc ; as a result the AVENTIS Group was created. GMG proposed HOECHST to set up his own business to distribute their membranes on the Filtration Market in France and French-speaking countries.

With a partner like Microdyn-Nadir GmbH, Alting offers UF-NF polymer membranes supported by the expertise of an international producer of membranes such as:

  • The technical assistance of selected OEM's by market segments, and
  • The market know-how of a French distributor

Partnerships have been set up with these OEMs for joint marketing actions towards EUs. Being an independent company allows ALTING to propose different technologies in membrane application fields as complementarities to the polymeric membranes from Microdyn-Nadir . We are willing to consolidate the "Separation" business as multi activities supplier of membranes and technologies.

In the past years, large fusions between membranes manufacturers and OEM's have completely changed the distribution network for membrane technologies. New "Giants" appears and these big groups want to sell their own membranes. They can not answer rapidly to the complete spectrum of EU's needs, they can not be the best on every markets. Our independent OEM's and membrane producer have a larger field to operate in high specialised markets.

Our vision

The name "Alternative Marketing" (Alting) was chosen to diffentiate ourselves from bigger and less flexible company structures
Our name is a testament of our will to answer quickly, involving our technological partners and membranes manufacturers like ASTOM as well as Eurodia; Membrana (today, 3M) and Microdyn Nadir (today, Mann & Hummel).

  • After 20 years of experience in filtration technologies with polymer membranes, ALTING is focused on providing to industrial markets the components, membranes, modules and equipment related to the process.
  • Bring yo our clients the services that large corporations are not able to provide: reactivity, flexibility, availability, maintenance. The Alting Customer Charter isn't a simple slogan : it's a profession of faith.
Client Guidelines
  • Application and explanation of the "Push & Pull" (P&P) strategy:
    "Push" is meant for the intermediaries, manufacturers, OEM's, opinion leaders (paint manufacturers, design departments, technology lobbies...) and "Pull" is meant for the industrial End Users of those technologies. The "+Pros" of our products need to be communicated clearly to the decision makers: communication and convincing is the key to success of our P&P strategy.
  • Always challenge peudo-acquired technological knowledge, optimize production costs, enhance profitability, reinvest the dividends in the research of new technical solutions (R&D) complete our liddle sized company goals.
  • Accompany the start-up in situ of the separation process with membrane technology (MF-UF-NF and electro dyalisis)


The following membranes manufacturers have concluded distribution agreements with Alting.



Tokyo (Japan)
Distribution agreement in Europe for EDCORE® membranes



Charlotte (USA)
Distribution agreement for Liqui-Cel® contactors