Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

The BIO-CEL® modules are used in the MBR facilities for industrial or municipal wastewater treatment through activated sludge, in replacement of a secondary clarifier used for solids settling. The BIO-CEL® modules enable the production of high quantities of quality effluent which is compliant with the EU Bathing Water Directive.

The BIO-CEL® module combines the benefits of traditional hollow fiber and plate and frame configurations without any of their inherent disadvantages.

Furthermore, the BIO-CEL® membrane sheets have a self-healing property. Laboratory tests have proven that the membrane “heals” itself in less than two minutes even under worst case conditions. The BIO-CEL® modules can also be cleaned mechanically, through the use of the patented BIO-CEL®-MCP (Mechanical Cleaning Process -, which helps to reduce operating costs as well as to minimize the energy demand. This innovative process reduces the formation of a fouling layer

The high quality of the BIO-CEL® modules is ensured by manufacturating on a completely robotised flow line. The BIO-CEL® modules are available with membrane surface area of 50, 100, 400 and 1900 m².

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  • Physical barrier for the retention of solids and bacteria
  • Module design is unsusceptible to braiding/sludge deposits
  • Backwashable with filtrate or with chemicals if required
  • High packing density
  • Low energy demand
  • Reliable performance
  • Laminated membrane sheets – No need for plastic plates on the side
  • Self-healing membrane sheets
  • Fine bubble aeration

Filtration membranes and modules – MICRODYN NADIR

  • NADIR®:
    Flat sheet filtration membranes for MF, UF and NF. These membranes are permanently hydrophilic and thermal and chemically resistant for remarkable longevity and high flux. They are available in a wide range of polymeric materials, with different cut-offs and with different standard formats.
    Spiral wound filtration modules based on flat sheet NADIR® membranes. Different sizes and configurations are available. They have a great thermal and chemical resistance and are very compact, offering an optimum surface area to volume ratio. They can be used in many various applications.
    Crossflow microfiltration modules with PP membrane. The membranes are available as hollow fibers, capillaries and tubes. Different sizes and configurations are available. They have a great thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance. The highly porous symmetrical structure of the MICRODYN membrane leads to extremely high permeability rates. Any surface deposits formed during filtration can be easily minimized.
    Hollow fibers (different materials available) UF modules. Different sizes and configurations are available. They have a great thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance. They are based on very resistant double asymmetric ULTRADYN membranes. The modules can be sterilized with hot water (max. 98 °C).