• Liqui-Cel®

MEMBRANA’s Liqui-Cel® membrane contactors are devices that allow to remove or dissolve gases in liquids, playing on the gaz concentration difference between two distinct phase separated by a hydrophobic membrane (hollow fibers). For example, when degassing dissolved CO2 from an aqueous stream, the water flow on one side of the hollow fiber, and a sweep gas and/or vacuum is applied to the other side. Only the gases will pass through the pores into the gas side of the membrane.

Membrane contactors find applications mainly in O2 and CO2 degassing process, requiring a control of the concentration of dissolved gases : electronics, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, various industries… Many other applications are, however, also possible.

A visit on the web page of our partner (http://www.liquicel.com) will enlighten you more about the characteristics and applications of these membrane contactors. Please, do not hesitate also to ‘contact’ us.

Advantages of the Liqui-Cel® contactors :

  • Small, Compact
  • Modular, easy to use
  • Reliable and Predictable
  • Responsive to Changes in Flow Rates
  • Low pressure drop
  • Total Gas Control in One Step
  • Proven in the Field with >10 Years of Installations
  • Warranty to < 1 ppb for O2 and < 1 ppm for CO2
  • Reduces Chemical Requirements – Operation Safer for Employees and Our Environment
  • FDA compliant materials for the majority of contactors